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Our latest Case History

Not to be missed!

RSA Arzaga Milano

50.01 Production & Communication present their new project

An "Old" bird with a brand new twist!



Our Agency was asked to design a website for an Italian RSA

which is an Elderly People Residence.

After doing some research it was immediately apparent that all the websites related to this type of service were almost identical, all the images were blatantly not real, the atmosphere they depicted was sweetened so as not to disturb the viewer.

In short they were not real, they were full of amazing seniors and lovely descriptions though!


Be bold, it pays off!

We decided to create something totally different, bone real, vibrating with the experiences of seniors who lived amazing lives packed with all sort of experiences. However we did not know if the clients were bold enough to go with this project…

Luckily they were, even if a little intimidated at first.


Want to see something inspiring?

Our goal was to represent the structure in a dynamic and engaging way, most importantly we wanted it to feel real. We achieved this by using mini videos (no sound) to describe whatever went on in the residence narrating all the different aspects of daily life, the social activities that take place, the amazing amount of services offered and the great interaction and appreciation by the real people in the home. In fact, the videos have as "actors" the residents of RSA Arzaga who highly enjoyed interpreting themselves. Their great enthusiasm and amazingly inspiring attitude has made this project possible.

The website has a strong visual impact, empathetic, bold and true. Instead of using the color palettes normally used for Senior Homes (which are quite understated) we went full color with Orange and Blue. Lengthy texts were not needed since the viewer can almost feel the hospitality, professionalism and extreme care to be found in this Residence.

The site, available in Italian and English, can be easily surfed and contains all the information, readily available, one requires; forms and documents can be easily downloaded according to needs.

A section for DONATIONS is also made available with direct links to PayPal.

Needless to say the website site is also perfect for Mobile and Tablet devices.

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