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How much should you pay for a logo?

We get many requests for creating personalized logos and, of course, the first question we get is:

How much will it cost?

So we decided to write this post to see if we can help to solve this issue!

A logo is mandatory for any brand’s identity, very likely it is the first thing your potential customer will see, and for this reason it should really stand out from the competition. But how much should it cost? As with everything the cost of a logo design depends on the quality and value you are looking for.

Hiring a professional designer guarantees that your logo will be unique and communicate your brand’s message. Like with any service, there is a variety of prices and packages, and it’s important to understand what you are going to get—or not going to get—for your money and also what you are really wanting from your logo.

Let’s start: how much should a logo cost?

The cost of a logo is anywhere from 0 (if you make it yourself) to tens of thousands of whatever currency you are dealing with, but if you’re a small business or startup looking for quality design, a good basic design should cost between £250-£1300.

Logo prices can vary, for instance the price of a logo design depends on the quality, how many proposals you get and who created it. Think of your budget and what you really require your logo for, and then decide which way to go.

Low Cost to medium cost- £250-£2500

If you have a few hundred to a few thousand pounds/euros/dollars in your budget, you’re probably going to get a very good design, and without having to spend a fortune. Within this price range, you can work with various freelancers, from beginners to the more experienced ones.

We know that the difference may seem huge, but read on and you will find out why.


Using a freelance designer can be a great experience—you get an expert customizing your logo based on your feedback. However, there is a very wide range of experience, which means a huge variety of cost and quality of work.

When choosing a freelancer, you’ll want to consider:

1. How they invoice (hourly vs. per project)
2. How much experience they have
3. Generally, you’re going to get a higher quote from someone who has a proven and long experience. They will also give you a detailed break down of what is included in the price (or how long they anticipate your project to take).
4. If you are thinking of spending £250-£800 you will likely be working with a less experienced designer. This can be fantastic if you know exactly what you want, are experienced on giving feedback on design work, and time to work out eventual bits and pieces which don't quite fit in. If you’re looking for total support in getting what you want, and you don’t have time to spend discussing your needs, you should probably consider spending in the region of £900 to £2000.

Hi end: £2500+

When you buy a logo you get… a logo! Or perhaps you get much, much more, so if you are able to pay more, you can get more (it makes sense!).

Usually, this means working with a Senior Art Director and his/her team: which also means a price tag that could reach £10,000+.

Who are these expensive people?

A Senior Art Director and his team is another option for getting your logo designed, and often includes a total branding package for the cost. The team around this kind of professional often conduct market research and competitor analysis to figure out how your brand can stand out in a good way. The team will approach your project from all angles, ensuring in-depth work and intel.

Of course, one of the biggest snags to hiring a Senior Art Director is the cost. Brand identity packages (which include a logo) start at about £10,000 with this type of professionals, and are typically out of budget for small brands.

What do you get for your money?

Regardless of what direction you choose for your logo design project, it’s important that you know exactly what you should be getting for your money, the following is the basic you should be offered:

Your final logo design in multiple formats
Colour choice (variations)
High-resolution, vector format for printing
Web-optimized format for website, social media and other digital needs

At 50.01 we can offer you a variety of choices, but one thing if guaranteed: you will always get top value for your hard earnt money!

And right now we have a promo on to welcome to the team a very top Senior Art will get awesome design for very little, but hurry the offer only lasts for 30 days.

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