We produce some awesome art, music, fashion videos and whatever else.  But since we’ve always liked to be extraordinary our signature productions are very distinctive medical and healthcare videos.  We are as comfortable in the operating room as we are with the rigorous rules of regulatory review and approval process. Our cinematographers, creative directors and post production experts have a unique approach and no matter where your video shoot needs to happen or what you might need to make it incredible we will always deliver.

What else do we do?  

  • Shooting and editing of bespoke interviews

  • Shooting and editing of Marketing and Team building meetings

  • Websites 

  • Bespoke title graphics

  • Social media campaigns

We’re in the business of Medical Videos

We understand that medical and healthcare video production can be sensitive and subject to rigorous regulatory review and approval process.  Our experience goes a long way, always setting the standard for what’s to come.

We’re Composed and Discreet

We are unobtrusive, confident, and calm under pressure.

We’re Passionate

We are enthusiastic about taking projects from start to finish, for clients of all sizes.

We're Trusted by Many

International brands, Institutions and many more.

We’re Versatile

We produce some awesome art, music, fashion videos and whatever else.